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by on Nov.16, 2010, under ramblings

it annoys me that my first post in a new blog is a bit of a downer, but it occurred to me that maybe things were never as bad as they seemed, especially now that i live in an empty, echoing house with my cat moping around. a friend pointed out to me today that the female of our species has difficulties separating logical and emotional thought processes which, when you think about it, is for the most part on the money.

say for example, the reason my house now echoes is that a few simple tasks were requested and rather than a logical thought process occurring, the emotional took over and all of a sudden i have a small war on my hands, eventually leading to housemate vacating.

the shit thing is, i have realised, or more so always knew, is that things were never nearly as bad as they seemed. more accurately, never as bad as what other people told me it was. so now, i am without housemate. the first thing that jumps to most people’s mind is that “well, you’ll have to tighten the budget seeing as you’re no longer splitting living costs” but frankly, i don’t think i particularly care about that. sure it means i can’t buy takkun that big shiny ‘king of the jungle’ cat tree, nor can i waste my money on some gadget i don’t need or parts to make my car go faster, but i don’t care about that. what i care about is that i no longer have a bright and chirpy housemate greeting me every day, lounge around the house with and watch tv, drink with.. just echoes.

they tell me it’s a fresh start. meanwhile, nothing changes for anyone else.

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  • Panther

    its true separating logical and emotional thought processes are impossibly difficult for a lady..

    you’ll be okay.. Its hard, but things will get better.

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