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by on Dec.13, 2010, under ramblings

there was a guy on the train today, reading a book, he pushed in front of another guy to get a seat and then just laughed at him. it turns out he was an accountant, so maybe he can be forgiven, i’m not sure. maybe he should be hurt somewhat. he read his book for another minute or two and then just stared off into the distance. i’m not quite sure what the purpose of this was, maybe he was fascinated with his reflection, realising he was starting at a man that steals seats on the train from other men, or maybe he was pondering the deep concepts of trials and tribulations the author had put in front of him. i’m more inclined however to suggest that now he has succesfuly stolen a seat on a train, he plans to do it again, he realised his triumph and plans on being a serial seat stealer, working his way up through the ranks of seat stealery and finally becoming a dominant world power.

i’m not sure what bothers me more, that there is a heirarchy of seat pilferers or that this guy wants to be their leader.

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