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by on Dec.13, 2010, under ramblings

on friday night we had a few drinks with this guy, who told me i was a dick, without much explanation as to why at all. the guy doesn’t even know me. i normally wouldn’t let it get to me, but i’ve also been hearing stuff my boss has supposedly been saying about me behind my back and it’s really getting me down. way to go assholes.

anyway, old mate that has gone and told me i’m a dick then turns around and starts telling us about this girl he has been dating for the last year, she works in the electrical team here (he is from structure) and he was telling us about how he is supposed to be home having dinner with her, and how he hates hanging out with her and her friends as they’re too clicky (clique-eeee? hrmm) – basically very brisbane people. i found when i was hanging out with the guys from the car club, a majority of them just wanted to stand in a carpark with heaps of other ‘enthusiasts’ in front of their shiny car to show off how awesome they are.

this girl and her friends are apparently the same but with music and what not. listening to obscure bands for the sake of saying that they liked them before they were cool, that kind of thing.

so i’ve decided that this guy is actually the dick, but he may have a valid point that i am as well. i’d hope i’m not but it might explain a few things.

i suppose this makes me a dick. i drew on a workmates banana. good luck eating him now. you can’t eat something that has a face lol.

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