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by on Dec.13, 2010, under computer nerdery, ramblings

a few posts back, where i installed my water cooling setup into my pc, i mentioned i was considering getting an amd 1090t. its a 6 core 3.2ghz chip.

i was seriously contemplating moving to intel, but i only bought this current configuration 18 months ago, a lot of money spent to throw away so soon. there are new chips coming out from both intel and amd in the new year, so i figure i’ll wait and see how they progress and maybe in another 18 months i’ll upgrade to one or the other.

i had some serious doubts about the capabilities of the 1090t, seeing a lot of reviews and benchmarks putting it as worse than my old 955BE chip (3.2ghz quad core). not so however.

for starters i had issues with my ram, i had bought 8gb of ram to do revit work at home, revit loves ram. revit loves raw clock speed as well (which is why i should have gone intel), but the revision of the 955 chip i got (c2 stepping) had memory controller issues and i couldn’t run more than my 4gb of ram stable. i had to overvolt the memory controller just to get the 4gb running. also recently the pc started randomly blue screening. no good. so i bit the bullet, the 1090t is now down to AU$260, against my better judgment i went out and bought one.

all i can say is i should have done it sooner. stock speed, clock for clock, the 1090t outperforms the 955. same speed, but just packs more punch. the 1090t has a turbo function that overclocks 3 of the 6 cores to 3.6ghz when required, so maybe where the extra punch came from.

i also finally installed my full 8gb of ram, no dramas. gotta be happy with that. seriously amd should have recalled all the c2 chips for their utter shitness.

currently running at 4ghz overclocked, cpu core is running only a few degrees above ambient, the temp sensor located under the cpu however is about 10 degrees warmer, so i’ll need to keep that in check.. still cooler than the quad core as well.

all in all a great purchase. should have done it sooner.

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