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by on Dec.31, 2010, under music i like, ramblings

i have had a lot of time to think lately, and a lot of time to do all the things i should have been doing the last few weeks, like cleaning. which made me think, i never used to be this messy.. sure the mess hasn’t piled up like when miss ashley was here, but i mean, some of the shit i’ve left laying around i wouldn’t have tolerated previously. they say people never change and this is true to the extent that the person at your core does not change,  but the bits people notice first, the extraneous stuff, are the bits that can change without you realising. i have come to think i have picked up some bad habits.

the fact that since ash left a few months back i pretty much haven’t cleaned a thing has also made me feel a little guilty, so i’ve been cleaning the last few days. a few loads of washing, cleaned the kitchen benches, thrown out the multitudes of sauces and spices sitting on the bench that are probably long past their used by date, floors swept, about to mop, bathroom is relatively clean.. trying to force myself back into that old groove of untidy yet clean.

i’ve also decided a while ago that i would like to make the interior of my house some kind of mix between modern and retro, i never really had an idea of what i wanted my house to become, but i think i have to get off my arse and make a move in this regard as well. after all, i have owned my house for around 5 years now and i have only painted the bedrooms before moving in. the lounge/kitchen is in desperate need of a tidy up and the outside needs a coat of paint.

so maybe this is all my new years resolution? i’ve never had one before, always thought it was a shit idea for people with no real drive in their life, no conviction for what they wanted to achieve. it’s just coincidence that i am having these thoughts the last few days or maybe weeks. how i’m going to make this retro modern mix work though i have no idea.

grandad popped in before to check how my friend bec was going, she’s in bundaberg amongst all the floods. grandad seems to think that the coming year is a year for change, a year for good luck, our family (i.e. mum, dad and us 3 boys) has always been surrounded by the number 11. now, i don’t believe in this numerology stuff for a second, but with the sadness and misfortune we’ve had over the last few years, i have wondered in the past if 11 was actually quite the opposite of good luck for us.

time will tell, but i do have a good feeling, and it all starts tonight. lets hope everything falls into place.

birds of tokyo – saddest thing i know

sevendust – bitch

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