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by on Jan.19, 2011, under music i like, ramblings

[ruht],noun, verb, rut·ted, rut·ting.

  1. a low spot, a ditch or a pit.
  2. a low point in one’s life. it can be boring, sad, or frustrating.

another day, another rut in the road of life.

some friends have kindly pointed out to me that i’m stuck in a bit of a rut lately. to be honest, i was quite offended at first, but a little bit of thought on my part and i’d say that they’re on the money. so, to in some way get out of my little groove of shit,  i’ve been thinking of things i want to do more of, maybe these could be counted as those stupid new years resolutions? i feel kinda lame putting my list down, but at least it’s somewhere i won’t lose, cause like, how could i possibly lose the interwebs? so here is my list:

  • make an effort to do more stencil grafitti
  • make takkun a cat run so he can sit outside when i’m at work
  • go to the local pub(s) more
  • play guitar again at least half decently
  • paint my kitchen & lounge room
  • go for aimless drives again, its been a long time
  • lots more bbq’s with mates

aside from that, last night, just as i was dozing off to sleep, i can’t even remember what i was thinking about, but i often find it hard to get to sleep as i have a million and one thoughts flying though my head at just as many miles an hour. i’m not even sure what one of these many thoughts were, but for some reason my brain latched onto one in particular and decided that, although i have no recollection of the people, the place, the situation i was thinking of ever occurring, that it was real, it had to be real, but why couldn’t i remember ever actually being there?

i came to the conclusion, as i further drifted off into my seemingly dreamless slumber, that the reason that i can not remember is because what i think is my life isn’t actually real and that the only time i’m really awake is those brief few seconds before i sleep.

stuck in a rut? probably.. stuck in the matrix? most definitely.

on a parting note, it would make me very sad if this song wasn’t real, being in the matrix and all.

the smashing pumpkins – glass and the ghost children

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  • Panther

    yep ruts, there nice aren’t they..

    I think you have a great plan of attack, mixing things up adds excitement and you will feel really proud of the work you will do on the house!

    I think sprucing up the kitchen will really uplift you, also some sex

  • noss

    lol, good luck on the latter

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