my bike, my balls and.. oh my god!
my bike, my balls and.. oh my god! avatar

by on Feb.28, 2011, under music i like, ramblings

i bought some shoes for my bike today, just cheapies as they’re my first cleat/clipless shoes so i didn’t want to go all out and think they were pieces of crap.. although spending less money is a sure fire way to end up with something rubbish i suppose. so tomorrow i’ll probably be all cut up and bruised as i’ll forget i’m locked into my bike and i’ll try put my foot down and fall over. kind of like this guy to the left here.

except that i’ll be still attached in some way, most likely by my feet considering the cleats, but there is always the off chance one of my nuts will slip through the hole in the seat and i’ll be rendered incapacitated in some kind of oddly grotesque combination of carbon fibre and testicle. i’d like to think i’ve grown to the point that my balls are of the size that they wouldn’t slip through, but i’ve never actually gotten one out in the raw to  do a test fitment. i suppose at least i’m not rocking a seat like this one below, or things could be just a little more painful.

but enough about my balls. today was the first day without my boss. he’ gone and buggered off to work for another company back in sydney. he never liked brisbane much in the same way that i fucking hate sydney. its ok though, i understand. there is an old saying that goes something along the lines of ‘you can take the douchebags out of sydney but you can’t take sydney out of the douchebag’ ..or something like that anyway.

so he’s all gone now and today, i get to work and there is an sms waiting for me that i missed on my travels into the office. it was from our drafter who has an important deadline this friday, who told us last friday, at 3pm, that she was going to go to china on thursday for a week.. yes, thanks for the notice, by the way, do you have a visa? no? well you probably can’t go. well, we shouldn’t have raised the question because the sms i recieved read ‘hi, i’m not going to be in today or tomorrow, i’ve done the ligaments in my ankle, but i’ve booked my tickets to china, i’ll try come in wednesday’ wow. just wow. i did not get to work on a single bit of my own work today as i was running around crazily trying to find staff to help us out. thankfully our adelaide office could assist, my evil twin happily offered assistance as for the first time in months, he has a slow week. phew! but still, that doesn’t make our other issue any better, but drafters with tits and ass seem to get away with murder.

enough of that, here’s some musics.

stabbing westward – desperate now


oh and before i go, there are no words other than whiskey.. tango.. foxtrot!

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