and the point of it was..?
and the point of it was..? avatar

by on Feb.03, 2011, under ramblings

i had this thought cross my mind yesterday.. why would someone do everything they can to get someone to be their partner, but then once they achieve that, they don’t make any effort what so ever to maintain the relationship and let things go to shit?

it happens all the time, some worse than others, why do people do it?

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  • Panther

    the excitement is in the chase, its thrilling, sexy and well new.

    once you achieve the capture, its like, next..

    I think people do it cos they are dicks.

    I did it because I was a horny young girl and I didn’t want to settle down with one. I just wanted to try it all and have fun. make of that what you will.

    over time I realised and learnt what I wanted from a relationship and I pursued that, now I won’t stuff it up cos this is what I want.

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