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by on Mar.29, 2011, under ramblings

ok this is what I read on interwebs and its full of awesome in a motivating kind of way.. i figured a copypasta was in order

in my time I have learned much, perhaps the greatest thing I’ve ever learned is that none of this matters, not your life, your house, your car, your clothes. nothing at all, the only value is the value you give these things. you can do what you want, you can have any girl, you are the centre of your own universe. the only limitations are the ones you set for yourself. you think too much, that is your problem. stop thinking, start acting. you are not alpha. you are not beta. you are nothing at all until you let go. only then can you make something of yourself. even after all that, still, in the bigger picture you are less than nothing. you live or die, either way the world moves on. the only consequencees are the ones you make for yourself. so stop thinking, let go and start doing. your fear holds you back, fear, is a good thing. what is bad is letting it influence you in your daily live. once you let go you are free.

you can change today. no excuses.

for those of you who are self concious, remember, it doesn’t matter. your embarassment is your own, nobody else. you do not matter, this does not matter, why be embarassed? the only barriers and obstacles are the ones you build for yourself. it doesn’t matter in the end.


then they quoted:

you have a girl, on your phone, email list or whatever right now. you love her, or feel very strongly about her, you want her. you are afraid. why? she says yes or she says no, either way something will change. you will eliminate a possibility. it doesn’t matter to anyone else but you. text her a simple message, a clear message one or two lines, admit your feelings to her. see that in the grand scheme none of it matters and that you just did yourself a huge favour.

apply this to everything.

you are free.

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i hate your meme but..
i hate your meme but.. avatar

by on Mar.27, 2011, under music i like, ramblings

it’s story of my life lol.

other than that, lately i’ve been quite happy.. i’m not sure what changed or when and why, but i’m not complaining. work is still busy, bills are still coming in faster than i would like them to, but big grins on my face, feeling good about everything even when things get shit. top work i say. now i suppose if i could find someone to share my happy with, it might actually be possible to be happier still, which i imagine could be rather dangerous, i can see it now.. minding my own business, cheeky smirk, hanging out with some lovely young lady, then BAM!! my head explodes in excitement leaving joyful chunks of happy head moosh all over the walls.

oh my. i hope when i find you, whoever you are that you can afford the dry cleaning bill.

before i go, this is what i’m listening to right now..

destroid – leaving ground (assemblage 23 remix)

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throw me away..
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by on Mar.20, 2011, under ramblings

i always thought this cake song was about a guy that was chasing a girl, an un-ottainable girl (for lack of better terminology) that was somewhat out of his league, that he maybe had a chance with one but he’s blown his window of opporunity and now she is with someone else (and long ago someone left with the cup) but he’s still trying and to do everything he can to get her.

then today i read on this thing called the interwebs, someone suggesting that its about anal sex.

cake – the distance

in other news, today i tried to head out to wivenhoe with some friends for a bbq, but rain put a damper on our plans. we did a bit of an impromptu drive around the long way to paul’s house for a bbq instead, and we saw this on mt crosby road on the way to ipswich – http://www.flickr.com/photos/chillibones/5387391922/ absolutely astounding. i haven’t seen anything like it before.

meanwhile, i’m going the distance on my new toy.. 15.5hp of stabby doom.. ride on mower! picked it up saturday and mowed the grass as soon as i got home, it was pissing down with rain and i mowed like a fucking champ! 20mins and i was done. i’m the only person on the block with short grass! everyone elses is thriving in the last few days rain. go team me! by now everyone’s seen my new toy, quite excited!

and to finish the weekend, for some reason, friends i hung out with the last few days that i haven’t seen in a while bought up ash.. but not to matter. i tried to steer the conversation in other directions but it came up a few times, bit of a bummer really. after all, it was just a simple plan, but i couldn’t make it work.

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by on Mar.19, 2011, under ramblings

what a fucking nifty instrument!



these things are worth 9700 euro, or by todays exchange rate, AU$13,789.59

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this kid knows his shit..
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by on Mar.14, 2011, under ramblings


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sad times..
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by on Mar.12, 2011, under ramblings

my old car got picked up today by a young guy that is going to strip the last few good parts out of it to put in his own car. i got a few dollars for it, but looking at the poor thing, in the mess its in, covered in leaves that have stained the paint from sitting for nearly 2yrs, the seals perished somewhere on the windows and water leaked in during the rains over summer, its still a great looking car, or at least i think so. if i still had the old wheels on it and kept it clean, maybe i could still be driving it around getting hassled by cops for an obnoxiously noisy exhaust and a ride height that makes it hit pebbles on the roads.. i still haven’t grown up. i have parts waiting to go into the mini, along with 2x 10″ subs and the amplifiers i saved from the pintara.

anyway, its gone now. no more u12s for me.. unless of course i buy a non complianced import for track days lol..


also while i was going through my photos, this is the present i gave belle on our valentines cruise thing, cause i was broke that week, i thought it’d be cool. i think she just thought i was an idiot.


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cats that look like takkun #3
cats that look like takkun #3 avatar

by on Mar.11, 2011, under takkun impersonators

oddly enough, if you google takkun impersonators, you now find takkun impersonators


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by on Mar.11, 2011, under ramblings

i watched a documentary on tommy chong the other day, he was targeted by an anti-drug taskforce in the usa back in 2003, essentially because of the character he depicted in the cheech and chong movies. they got him through his son’s online bong store and then sent tommy chong to jail and barely questioned his son who was ceo of the business.

there was a stand out quote from the documentary which went something like this

there is something very deep in our culture that is willing to punish and destroy the people we don’t like, who are different, who don’t fit, and don’t behave the way that we do

i mean what now.. they’re making quotes about brisbane!

time for more wine.. nommy wine. 2000 four sisters shiraz this time. a little bit of an ‘oh noes’ moment then leave it to breath a little and its fantastic! nice end to a shitty week.

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