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by on Mar.09, 2011, under ramblings

this morning i was woken by a leg cramp, this happens every now and then, thankfully today’s was not as severe as others i have experienced in the past. many nights i woke ash screaming in pain due to severe leg cramps. after the first few times she got used to the routine – and i suppose realising all was ok even though i was screaming like i was just stabbed – rubbing my leg to help the cramp subside a little quicker.

today i tried my best to rub my leg down with my other foot, somewhat helping but just not as effective. takkun ran in to check on me, although i didn’t yell out as loudly as i normally would either.

as the years have gone by, clearly the knowledge on the internet has advanced, rather than people trading porn and making retarted blogs like my own, there is some useful information now. years ago when i first looked up how to avoid cramps, the repetitive answer i found was ‘add more salt to your diet’ this time around however, the information is far more.. informative.

apparently cramps are caused by dehydration, over exertion, electrolyte imbalance and muscle fatigue.

so this makes a lot of sense. i am not carrying water on my bike lately, yesterday i only had one bottle of water instead of my usual 3-4 and i have been trying to push myself harder on my bike, achieving 20mins and below on my 10km ride even into 30knot (55km/hr!!!) winds.

one thing though that grabbed my attention, according to one site cramps that occur repetitively and in the same area can be caused by nerve damage. when i was 15 i was hit by a car and my nerves were damaged in my left leg, leaving me with a numb feeling which has gotten slightly better over the years. guess which leg always cramps? thats right, my left one.

so i am supposing a combination of the nerve damage, dehydrantion and muscle fatigue is what is causing my left calf to cramp up into a ball of painful muscle.

only thing i can change i suppose is more water.

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  • Panther

    Wow really!! Add more salt, i heard that i have too much sodium in my diet..booo

    but the water thing i totally can do too, cos i don;t drink more then 1 glass a day, the rest is from tea and coffee..

    You were HIT BY A CAR??
    i need to hear that story, with pictures, draw a comic!

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