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by on Mar.29, 2011, under ramblings

ok this is what I read on interwebs and its full of awesome in a motivating kind of way.. i figured a copypasta was in order

in my time I have learned much, perhaps the greatest thing I’ve ever learned is that none of this matters, not your life, your house, your car, your clothes. nothing at all, the only value is the value you give these things. you can do what you want, you can have any girl, you are the centre of your own universe. the only limitations are the ones you set for yourself. you think too much, that is your problem. stop thinking, start acting. you are not alpha. you are not beta. you are nothing at all until you let go. only then can you make something of yourself. even after all that, still, in the bigger picture you are less than nothing. you live or die, either way the world moves on. the only consequencees are the ones you make for yourself. so stop thinking, let go and start doing. your fear holds you back, fear, is a good thing. what is bad is letting it influence you in your daily live. once you let go you are free.

you can change today. no excuses.

for those of you who are self concious, remember, it doesn’t matter. your embarassment is your own, nobody else. you do not matter, this does not matter, why be embarassed? the only barriers and obstacles are the ones you build for yourself. it doesn’t matter in the end.


then they quoted:

you have a girl, on your phone, email list or whatever right now. you love her, or feel very strongly about her, you want her. you are afraid. why? she says yes or she says no, either way something will change. you will eliminate a possibility. it doesn’t matter to anyone else but you. text her a simple message, a clear message one or two lines, admit your feelings to her. see that in the grand scheme none of it matters and that you just did yourself a huge favour.

apply this to everything.

you are free.

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