i eat hamburgers and i want all the girls, a whoo hoo hoo..
i eat hamburgers and i want all the girls, a whoo hoo hoo.. avatar

by on Mar.01, 2011, under music i like, ramblings

so this morning i pumped my tyres up to 110psi, put on my fancy shoes and jumped on my bike. the difference is.. unreal. i could pedal so much faster and with so much less effort than before. less effort is probably not a good thing, but the upshot of less effort is that i have a bit of go left in me to go even faster still. i took 10mins of my 10km ride today which really is quite unbelievable. all because of some wankery shoes.

so yes, i admit my stubborness all this time has been wrong, like my refusal to wear lycra for a long time only to discover that the padding in the pants make things so much more comfortable and far less painful. i dont wear the lycra top though, thas just.. ew. now the shoes. why couldn’t someone just tell me that i’d be able to ride faster for longer?

i suppose all the people at work just assume i’m lazy and fat and useless and therefore are incapable of riding at speed. a few guys have been inviting me on their wednesday morning ride. i haven’t gone yet because it starts at 6am and the only way for me to get here by then is to drive, there just arent any trains that leave that early. even though this i feel is an entirely legitimate reason to not attend a ride along the river, one of the guys said to me ‘oh, its ok, we normally do a fairly consistent 30km/hr but if you can’t keep up we won’t leave you behind’

i mean wtf! ‘hey fatty fat fat, can’t you keep up?’ i could most likely maintain 30km/hr for much longer than any of these guys could. when i was their age, i rode 30km/hr for 8hrs straight up hill into the wind in 6 feet of snow while it was raining across a mine field. fuckers.

day two of no boss is going.. not so well. its nothing to do with him, he isn’t the glue that was holding us together, in fact for the most part he was really quite useless. its just the week that most projects are kicking off and there is far too much to do in far too little time. i’ve yet again not actually been able to work on anything. my first chance is now, 5:15pm.. which is just simply ridiculous. yes, yes, i’m aware i’m now wasting time posting here, but i just need to chill for a few minutes, regain some composure and try knock out a few rfi responses before i head home. not my idea of a wonderful evening but i’ve not got much choice right now.

and while i have chilling out on my mind, i’d love to find some new music that i can relax to. musically over the years, from when i was shown the light of (then awesome) triple j, enjoying alternative rock tunes, i progressed to industrial and heavier alternative rock. as time passed my tastes became heavier with a sprinkling of lighter stuff like pumpkins and placebo in between. then suddenly my taste diverted to pay attention to ebm and dance like vnv nation, razed in black, aethetic perfection and sin.thetic squad – somewhere in the middle of that, i discovered telefon tel aviv through a nine inch nails remix and whenever i need to chill out, which lately is a bit, i grab one of their albums and smoosh my stubby little fingers on the play button.

i still listen to my fair share of heavy music and telefon tel aviv is not all i listen to when i want to chill, but its certainly my preference. others i listen to is team sleep and air, or in a stretch some of the lighter deftones songs. if there is anything out there though, i’d be super keen to know.

telefon tel aviv – bubble and spike

and of course, in my usual fashion, i’ve found another girl to have a crush over, tatooed, stretched ears and absolutely stunning. incidentally she makes hamburgers, and i.. well i like to eat hamburgers. so prepare to watch me blow up like a baloon from feeding my face on cheesy meaty burgery goodness. oh my.

pic is related, its the store. music also related, but somewhat in reverse.

the whitlams – i make hamburgers

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  • Panther

    i want these magical shoes, and i think i’ll be doing the padded pants (under pants) so i look sweet still.

    fk the guys at work, tossers!

  • noss

    you can get ‘shy guy’ pants. they’re basically board shorts with the padding inside. i tend not to wear longer shorts while cycling though, mainly due to my height, which obviously results in me having shorter legs, so the bottom of my board shorts would be below my knee making pedaling difficult on the upstroke if that makes sense.

    if you’re riding a mountain bike with a slightly broader seat and more padding, you will probably find you do not need the padded pants.

    i will also point out you would probably look stunning in lycra duds 😛

    also if you’re just doing some casual riding, you would probably find you don’t need the shoes. obviously up to you and how serious you want to get with cycling. i’ve been cycling since i was 8yo pretty much constantly, so its taken me 21yrs to bother trying out shoes with cleats.

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