i hate your meme but..
i hate your meme but.. avatar

by on Mar.27, 2011, under music i like, ramblings

it’s story of my life lol.

other than that, lately i’ve been quite happy.. i’m not sure what changed or when and why, but i’m not complaining. work is still busy, bills are still coming in faster than i would like them to, but big grins on my face, feeling good about everything even when things get shit. top work i say. now i suppose if i could find someone to share my happy with, it might actually be possible to be happier still, which i imagine could be rather dangerous, i can see it now.. minding my own business, cheeky smirk, hanging out with some lovely young lady, then BAM!! my head explodes in excitement leaving joyful chunks of happy head moosh all over the walls.

oh my. i hope when i find you, whoever you are that you can afford the dry cleaning bill.

before i go, this is what i’m listening to right now..

destroid – leaving ground (assemblage 23 remix)

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  • Panther

    woo hoo!! enjoys this!

    oh man i’d love to see your head explode! but i guess it will have to implode back to normal??

    is that doable? lets try

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