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by on Mar.20, 2011, under ramblings

i always thought this cake song was about a guy that was chasing a girl, an un-ottainable girl (for lack of better terminology) that was somewhat out of his league, that he maybe had a chance with one but he’s blown his window of opporunity and now she is with someone else (and long ago someone left with the cup) but he’s still trying and to do everything he can to get her.

then today i read on this thing called the interwebs, someone suggesting that its about anal sex.

cake – the distance

in other news, today i tried to head out to wivenhoe with some friends for a bbq, but rain put a damper on our plans. we did a bit of an impromptu drive around the long way to paul’s house for a bbq instead, and we saw this on mt crosby road on the way to ipswich – http://www.flickr.com/photos/chillibones/5387391922/ absolutely astounding. i haven’t seen anything like it before.

meanwhile, i’m going the distance on my new toy.. 15.5hp of stabby doom.. ride on mower! picked it up saturday and mowed the grass as soon as i got home, it was pissing down with rain and i mowed like a fucking champ! 20mins and i was done. i’m the only person on the block with short grass! everyone elses is thriving in the last few days rain. go team me! by now everyone’s seen my new toy, quite excited!

and to finish the weekend, for some reason, friends i hung out with the last few days that i haven’t seen in a while bought up ash.. but not to matter. i tried to steer the conversation in other directions but it came up a few times, bit of a bummer really. after all, it was just a simple plan, but i couldn’t make it work.

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