am i in the matrix..?
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by on Apr.14, 2011, under ramblings

so i’m reading neuromancer by william gibson, its the first time i’ve read it, but as i read, i swear i’ve read it before. the whole first two chapters were ever so familiar, almost giving me flashbacks to when i was a kid reading the exact same words.

maybe i did pick it up once upon a time only getting so far and put it down because i was having trouble following at a young age? as it was either because of being tired after work or because gibson has a different writing style to what i’m used to reading, i found it quite hard to get through the first chapter this last week, but now i’ve broken past the first chapter, i’m able to work my way through with ease.

or there is the other theory, that i’m stuck in the matrix and my travels have led me to this point in time where all of a sudden gibson’s books are the next logical thing for me to read, which will then make everything click in my head and i’ll realise i’m stuck, leaving me on a mission to remember just how i remove the cranial jack and get back to the real world.

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