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by on Apr.09, 2011, under ramblings

so i heard you like apple cider so we thought we’d put apples in your apples so you can apple.

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a history lesson for your saturday afternoon..
a history lesson for your saturday afternoon.. avatar

by on Apr.09, 2011, under ramblings

my other website, antrx.com, is 10yrs old mid this year. you can read the story here

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cats that are takkun..
cats that are takkun.. avatar

by on Apr.05, 2011, under ramblings

lookit him sleepin! awwwwww… gettin his winter coat on changing colours.

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so is nine inch nails like, hardcore trance or like.. house music?
so is nine inch nails like, hardcore trance or like.. house music? avatar

by on Apr.05, 2011, under ramblings

i took my big senheisser headphones to work today, hooked up my external hard drive, installed foobar and tried to get cracking on my work.. tried because there is a drama with the connection to the server which is just terrible, taking forever to do simple things preventing me from doing any work.

the guy sitting next to me asked me what i was listening to, i said ‘oh, at the moment, nine inch nails’ he responds with ‘oh yeh nice’ and we talked about work for a bit.. then out of nowhere he asks

so, is nine inch nails like, hardcore trance or like.. house music?

i was a bit ‘omgwtfbbq?!’ i explained to him that nine inch nails was, i guess, industrial, maybe it could scrape in as alternative rock.. probably not for a few years now, but it was worth a try trying to explain.

i asked him what the hell was with adelaide and dance music. there was dance music playing softly in the background at the resteraunt i ate at on sunday, and two of the three pubs i have been to have also been playing really shitty dance music. in fact, there are guys that have shitty dance tracks as their ringtones. i’m not talking 20-something guys, its everyone from 20-something to 60-something. its quite.. odd.

the guy then tells me that ‘yeh adelaide has only 2 scenes, a dancey pill popping drugged up scene and a metal scene. he still didn’t understand what nine inch nails were and started telling me about all the dance clubs i should go to. i say ‘no no no, you got it all wrong, i’d probably be covered more my the metal scene, when i go out, i go to goth clubs cause they play the music i like’ to which he responds ‘oh yeh, so what else do you listen to?’ so i tell him.. static-x, rob zombie, spineshank, american head charge and then other less heavy stuff like smashing pumpkins and placebo.. i was at least hoping he’d know those two, but no, he was still looking at me like i had 2 heads!

at least he gave up trying to figure it out after that.

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slim pickings for adelaide noms on a sunday night..
slim pickings for adelaide noms on a sunday night.. avatar

by on Apr.03, 2011, under ramblings

sunday night in adelaide, 8:30 and all the resteraunts and pubs were closed. luckily the resteraunt in the hotel was open. just had an awesome steak with prawns and garlic sauce.. although the steak was a little over cooked, i’ll forgive them this time around. finsihed it off with a pinot noir from new zealand.

went to a place called the tap inn with my evil twin ryan, one of the guys from the brisbane office that used to live here highly recommended it, however it was a bit of a let down, but then i suppose if there were too many people there i might have not enjoyed it because its too noisy haha.

also, i noticed this last time i was here, but i’m noticing it again, everywhere seems to play really shit dance music no matter what sort of place it is. the tap inn, the hotel resteraunt and another pub i walked into. doesn’t adelaide town have any culture?

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signing in from radelaide..
signing in from radelaide.. avatar

by on Apr.03, 2011, under ramblings

so after what seemed like the longest flight ever, i’m in my room in adelaide, i’ll be here for the week to help out on the adelaide oval project. pretty big confidence/ego boost on this one, i was told that ‘there is no other person in the company that we would rather have work on this project’

to further bolster my confidence, shortly before christmas one of our external trainers came by the office to help everyone out. he pointed out that i was at the same level as him and he’s extremely impressed with my knowledge, ability and my willingness to train others in the office. he pretty much told me to leave engineering and come be a revit trainer. i wouldn’t mind doing a job like that, i love to help people out and push everyone’s boundaries as to what they’re capable of.

we’re in a joint venture (ugh) with another company, however we’re the lead on hydraulics, which is what i do. it all starts tomorrow morning with a meeting with the other company’s head revit tech guru, i will be our representative. pretty stoked with that considering i’m not the tech leader. our tech leader is based in christchurch and i was told in confidence (and now its all over the interwebs) that our team doesn’t want our tech guy anywhere near this project as he has embarrassed us on a few projects previously with his lack of.. err.. tech. the sentiment toward this guy is the same with project leaders and management within brisbane, he made a presentation to one of the world’s leading construction companies that use revit (if not the leading company – btw, they lead in thier use of revit, they’re not necessarily the best construction company)

from there i have to help setup the revit model for the project, get everyone on the right track, create new content, detail intricate plant rooms and other co-ordination intensive areas and possibly throw some training in the mix as well.

so here is to an exciting week of work, hopefully i’ll be coming down here again in the future to help out, as i’m wanting to push as the leading tech expert for revit mep (mechanical, electrical & plumbing) within the company, so far it sounds like i’m heading down the right path. patience will be involved however as our hydraulics team australia wide is lacking in numbers, heres hoping that gets sorted out and i can focus on being the revit guru that i aspire to be.

also, just rubbing it in slightly, my incredibly comfortable room

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