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tear jerker..
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by on May.08, 2011, under ramblings

i dropped in at the cemetery on the way home from the coast this evening to drop in on, well, a few family members. my brother’s justin and nathan, my mum and mum’s dad.

sadly, it is the first time i have been the the cemetary since mum’s funeral. i just haven’t been able to do it. it is in actual fact only the second time i have been since nathan passed away as well. sometimes i think this makes me a bad person, but i think about them all the time, i don’t think i need to drop in and put flowers down in a routine of flowers and sads.

the flowers obviously are for mum, seeing as its mothers day. when i got there, there were all these fake flowers, some tattered, some new. mum hated those things so i threw some of the olders ones out and replaced them with these.  i put together some lillies and the white ones, i’m not sure what they’re actually called, but mum called them “mother’s day flowers” and she loved them, her front yard used to be full of them.

while i was sitting down having a bit of a cry, this loud obnoxious family showed up in a subaru forrester, walked up to a grave about 15m away from me. the father made a call on his mobile phone when they got to the right grave site, the kids ran off stealing flowers from other people’s graves, and the mum was yelling at them to ‘hurry up, get something to put them (flowers) in too’

i had to leave, there are a few words i could use to describe what i thought of these people that i’ve never met, but none complimentary.

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cats that look like takkun #7
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by on May.05, 2011, under takkun impersonators

he’s spotty rather than stripey, but he still looks like my boy!


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you hate your boss at your job..
you hate your boss at your job.. avatar

by on May.05, 2011, under music i like


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mini bog..
mini bog.. avatar

by on May.05, 2011, under ramblings

so i got the mini bogged at the train station carpark yesterday, was hoping the slush would have dried out a bit by the time i got back to the car, but no, i just dug myself deeper and deeper into the slush. i phoned my old man to come tow me out, he probably could have come along in any car, but he bought his new 4wd i guess for the lulz. i’m dissapointed that the car couldn’t get out as it wasn’t all that deep, the ground was like a soft serve ice cream though and the car was never going to go anywhere. i even sunk in the ground just standing on it, making my brand new shoes filthy 🙁

anyway, just as dad is hooking that car up to the rope, hot girl walks past and laughs at me.

fuck my life.

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