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by on May.11, 2011, under music i like, ramblings

the other morning while on my way to work, not even down the end of the street, trying to clip my right shoe into it’s pedal, the bottom of my shoe was wet from the dew on the ground, i was half standing off the seat supporting myself on my left leg, because the base of cycling shoes are hard plastic (or carbon fibre if you’re rich), i missed the clip, the plastic of the shoe slid across the face of the pedal just as i shifted my weight to my right leg, the only thing that stopped my foot from touching the ground was my cock as it smashed into my seat with all my weight behind it. not quite as bad as a knackering, but god damn it hurt, i think i’m damaged.

then in the evening, the strangest thing happened when i left work. a guy, riding a fluorescent lime green mountain bike, looked like he was wearing nothing but a loin cloth, slowly rides past me, looks me up and down and raises his eyebrows a few times and then keeps on going minding his own business.

whiskey. tango. foxtrot.


i love the comment

why cant all music videos be like this?

2 women a mirowave some beans and 2 sausages and a ragen crackhead

What genius thought of this video?

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