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being a nerd just sometimes isn’t cool..
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by on Jun.28, 2011, under computer nerdery, ramblings

so i got an ericsson x10 recently, picked it up for $250 on ebay brand new. was apparently a warranty replacement for the seller and they changed to an iphone during the process.. suckers.. the x10 has been friggin fantastic. its the phone i wanted when i contracted my other phone, but i was too impatient to wait. a mistake i won’t make again. even though the phone is damn near perfect for what i want, there is a lot of custom software out there for the x10 and being the somewhat nerd that i am, i just had to try it out.

first up, i tried cyanogenomod 6 based around android 2.2, which just didn’t agree with the phone. as it was the stock software (android 2.1) was quite snappy, nice, smooth and responsive. occasionally if trying to do too much at once it would slow down a little but nothing i couldn’t deal with, even the battery life was reasonable, with fairly heavy use would last 10hrs or so even with shonky mobile coverage chewing up battery. the phone was unusable, and the battery lasted about 3hrs on standby. that just doesn’t cut it.

quite annoyed i started to look around and decided to try the android 2.1 based ewjet rom. its great, it really is. its undervolted to get more battery life and just generally awesome. but it restarts when using cpu intensive software. fine, i know all about overclocking a pc, same concept on a phone, not enough voltage. luckily a tweak was provided to give a slightly higher voltage to increase stability. it was worse! i’ve had to turn down the maximum cpu speed to 999mhz to stop randomly restarting when idle, but it still dies when using backup software or anything else that uses a bit of juice. further turning down the cpu to 739-ish mhz, i was able to backup my data once more.

now i’m sitting here again, going through the whole process from scratch. flashing the standard software, going through the whole process again in the hopes to gain better stability. if not, then i guess its a trip back to xda developers to ask a bunch of noob questions and tell them what i did each time in the hopes to come up with a solution. i just can’t live with improving the device and then partially gimping it for stability. gah!

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the ultimate geek girl..
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by on Jun.20, 2011, under ramblings

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let me put some cream on your pie..
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