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by on Oct.13, 2011, under ramblings

on my way to work this morning, i walked into the little cafe across the street to grab some breakfast. thye had a pre-made bacon and egg toasted sandwhich but it looked a little worse for wear.. as worn as toasted sandwhiches could possibly be, so i decided i’d grab a chicken, cheese, tomato and onion toasted sandwhich.

when i was served, i asked for exactly that

can i geta chicken, cheese, tomato and onion toasted sandwhich please?

i swear the lady rolled her eyes at me, like i’m not supposed to ask her to make me a sandwhich. does she realise that she works in the local sandwhich making emporium where the sole purpose is to serve people their every sandwhich need? she walks off, serves someone else, then comes back to me “so thats a chicken cheese and onion sandwhich?” chicken, cheese, tomato and onion toasted please “ok so chicken cheese tomaato onion” yes thanks. “is that fresh or toasted” ffffuuuuuuuuuuuu!

toasted please.

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