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my dad the nerd..
my dad the nerd.. avatar

by on Jan.31, 2012, under computer nerdery, ramblings

i often wonder how i ever got into drafting, which eventually led me to engineering and currently 3D modelling and model management. dad, being a tradie, i never thought i got it from him. i just figured it was my choice in high school to study computer drafting. but prior to that, i got into technical drawing on the board. pencils erasers and cranky teachers. so computer drafting was a logical step from manual drafting.

dad the tradie, as mentioned in my post about water cooling my pc i think at least, is a bit of a closet nerd. while i was visiting dad recently, i realised that it was indeed he who led me down the path i have taken with my career. you see, if you take a step further back to the days of the amstrad cpc, 3″ floppy disks, 4mhz cpus and 128kb of ram displayed in 16 glorious colours, dad used to write programs for the computer for me to play with.

most of the programs were games or programs i asked a question and it gave me a funny answer, one of the programs though i had to control a ‘turtle’ which was a little triangle shaped thing by typing “@100<45” which would draw a line 100 pixels long at an angle of 45 degrees – which is exactly what you’d type into autocad, but rather than pixels, it would be an actual measurement. i drew boxes and circles and triangles and all sorts of stuff.

i always thought the programs dad wrote were pretty cool, and i thought dad was awesome for being able to make programs on our little computer. nothing has changed though. he’s still awesome 🙂


this is the sort of stuff i draw now. that is all the plumbing, gas and fire for a 6 storey office and performance arts building in 3D.


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by on Jan.24, 2012, under ramblings

so my phone of awesome is playing up. the last week it has been slowing down, restarting, just generally being a pain in the ass. i’ve just reinstalled android with no luck, reboot within 5mins. so now i’ve wiped, factory reset and reinstalled.

here’s hoping.

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by on Jan.17, 2012, under ramblings

i’ve been looking at these plastic ‘toy’ camera lenses for a while now, and i’ve finally been suckered in. chances are i’ve wasted my money but its fairly inexpensive i’m not inclined to worry about it.

the effect from the lense is a nostalgic, low fidelity image that gives some great random effects (although more so on film than digital) due to the low quality of the plastic lense.

there is a range of holga photos on photobucket and flicker

i’ll let you know later if my dirt cheap lense purchase is a raving success or a complete waste of money.

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tomorrow is only a diet pill away..
tomorrow is only a diet pill away.. avatar

by on Jan.17, 2012, under ramblings

there are quite a few support groups around for eating disorders.. i cant even name them all cause there are simply too many (ok and i have no idea what they’re called) but if you have anorexia, there is a support group.. bulimia? no worries.. there are people to help you out..

but.. what about the people that want to get into an eating disorder? you’ve seen them around.. people carrying a few extra pounds with them that they wouldnt mind getting rid of.. they’ve tried all the herbal rubbish that never works.. they’ve even tried to get diet pills from their doctor but with no luck.. where do they turn?

no where.

thats right.. anorexia is a hard thing to get into. it takes commitment, it takes strength.. these people need support too!

stand up for your rights and fight discrimination.. start a support group for your favourite eating disorder today!

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washed up..
washed up.. avatar

by on Jan.14, 2012, under ramblings

the other day on my way home from work, it was low tide in the afternoon and i noticed this car out on the sand. i did a bit of a double take and realised that it was washed up and rusted out. i had to grab some pics. i have no idea where the car came from or how long its been there, although it does look like it has been there a while. maybe it was washed down the pine river from the floods last year? or maybe some kids just went a little overboard. either way, i think this is the most photographed car in brisbane. i attempted to take some snaps at sunset on friday without luck due to another photographer taking up all the space. i checked the tides and luckily, low tide was shortly after sunrise this morning, so i was able to grab these snaps in some fantastic light. immediately after i had finihsed with my photographs, another couple of people came down to take some happy snaps with their point and shoot cameras. maybe a ticketing system or turnstile needs to be installed?

click on the thumbnails for larger size photos.


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