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by on Feb.24, 2012, under music i like, ramblings

so it’s been a while between posts really. i’ve been tremendously busy at work, hosuemates moving in, women being frustrating, websites not going how i want them to, the usual sort of thing.


last night wanted to listen to something quiet, but thought i’d been listening to too much telefon tel aviv lately, i thought i’d see if there was a new team sleep album out yet, after all, chino announced the new team sleep album in 2007. strangely enough another group popped up in my search results. ††† (pronounced crosses duh!) chino is also the lead singer in crosses so i quickly jumped on youtube and they’re not bad at all. but now i listen to it again, i’m not so sure.

i’ll spin it a few more times to see what i think. i’m quite enjoying 1987 right now.





also ultimatums. i don’t respond well to them. i don’t like being forced down the path someone else wants me to go, without a choice or input of my own. i basically think to myself. you can get fucked. thats just how it is. so, go get fucked.

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