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how do you spell curduroy anyway?
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by on Mar.16, 2012, under ramblings

yesterday while wandering the streets like a homeless man during my lunch break, a guy on a squeeky old pushbike pushed past me on the footpath. i thought that the days of cycling on the footpath were long gone. mr. hipster had to stop at the next set of traffic lights where i caught up to him again and i noticed he was wearing corduroy¬†pants. i haven’t seen shit like that since the 80s. and yes, i do remember the 80s, i’m old enough. he had one leg of his pants rolled up as to not spoil them with grease and he had a big heavy leather jacket strapped to his back. it might not be the middle of summer, but it is still 30 degrees. why he had left his house wearing such attire in the first place stuns me completley. hipster or not, surely his wardrobe includes some kind of clothing more suited to the current weather trends? fucking hipsters.

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we’re doing these ones..
we’re doing these ones.. avatar

by on Mar.15, 2012, under music i like, ramblings

so itseems that i’m being stalked. that means i can’t spew out what’s in my brain onto my pages here about you, not that i had, but i nearly did yesterday. my last secret figured out. ¬†so i figure shall point out that we’re doing these ones. i searched for balls bouncing down hill and this is what i found.

i will also point out, young stalker, that i had this notion that i would find a girl that is a deftones song, and you don’t even know who the deftones are. how cool is that?


that aside, here are some deftones so that you may be educated.





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by on Mar.11, 2012, under ramblings


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takkun impersonator #3451
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by on Mar.04, 2012, under ramblings

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