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by on Apr.23, 2012, under ramblings

why is it that after an eternity of evolution and survival of the fittest does the lowest of the human race still survive? the kind that abuse you as you casually pass them on the road, only to road rage you and carry on like total fuckwits regardless of if you retaliate or ignore them. the ones that live off of government benefits without any intention of ever working, further cashing it in by spitting out kids like sausages to collect cash from the government. you’d think by now they would have all perished, but no.

sometimes i think the worst and figure a gun is the only solution, with the common folk of the world destroying these blockheads as they cross their path. but violence is never the answer. unless of course its done with a dollop of devilish humour.

so in comes glue, feathers, small soft top 4wd’s, potatoes and.. cannons.

i mean we’ve all seen the videos on youtube of people and their potato guns.. mount one of these babys on a suzuki vitara or similar open topped vehicle of doom and cruise around putting these people out of their misery while at the same time bursting into fits of hysterical laughter. i mean its not just the potato meeting its doomed target in a potatoey splatter of doom, its the joy of the loud ‘thok’ noise that the potato makes as it quickly exits the contraption made to launch it into oblivion.


if you’re not one to want to inflict pain into your mortal dullard enemies, then some kind of arrangement with glue, feathers and one of these cannons pointing in the direction of said foe. like homers shotgun that puts makeup on marge, the feather cannon could make anyone look a treat while bringing great satisfaction to yourself.

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