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by on Apr.16, 2012, under ramblings

midget farming is my idea of ideas, one day it will make me rich beyond comprehension, everyone will want midgets and i will be the leader of my own midget empire. dont get me wrong, i’m not in it for the money, money is evil. i’m in it for the midgets.

much like a farmer will breed his best 2 sheep to get better wool, his best 2 cows for better milk or beef, i want to breed midgets to get smaller, better midgets. midgets that can clean your dryer like our friend fergus here. midgets that you can hide in your underpants, midgets that you can stack to get the ultimate sexual experience (dvda for those playing at home) midgets are the future.

in 20 years i’ll have created midgets so small you could put them in vending machines at the supermarket in those little egg things, you will find them in kinder suprises, you’ll find them behind your ear.

but the midget farming experience isnt limited to smaller, stronger, faster midgets, normal size midgets will be available too, to create midget armies, to work in willy wonka’s chocolate factory and the best offshoot of the midget farming meca – midget porn! i mean, how else do you farm midgets? you stick them in a room, with a bed – and – cameras! while the midgets are making their sweet midgety love, the whole experience will be documented on video and sold at websites and adult stores across the globe.

midget farming – its the way of the future!

disclaimer – i love midgets – they’re great – i would under no circumstance actually farm midgets, the idea is absurd, midgets are people too! and midget porn, well, thats so damn hot. if you are a midget and you were offended, i appologise, no offence was intended and this was posted in total jest. if you’re a hot midget lady, you’re welcome to email me and we can meet up some time 😉

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