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have you ever wondered?
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by on May.06, 2012, under ramblings


This is not a turtle you human worm baby. This is a tortoise.

When you were a kid, were you ever shown movies about the green turtle? The epic journey they make from their shells to the sea.

The ones where you’d see the mother turtle lay 200 eggs, then the eggs would hatch, the turtles would have to survive being eaten by seagulls before they got to the water, then survive being eaten by larger sea creatures once they get to the water.

How many kids grew up to be conservationists after they saw that? I know I sure as hell wanted to save baby turtles when I was a kid.

With all these turtles that are now being helped along by humans, carried to the ocean or raised in an aquarium and then set free, that surely the turtle population is rising.

What happens when the turtle population exceeds the population of humans? What happens when turtles take over the world? Have you ever wondered if turtles made the video we watched as children in 80s?

I for one welcome our evil turtle overlords.

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brisbane reviewed – sarina russo english language school brisbane
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by on May.05, 2012, under brisbane reviewed

people like to know things. so i’ve decided i’m going to help people out getting to know things. because i live in brisbane, i decided i should share my wealth of knowledge that is crammed into my brain on all that is brisbane. this is serious business. i’m going to keep the reviews short and sharp. cause no one really cares to read many words. especially people from brisbane. they have severely short attention spans. so here we go.

sarina russo english language school – ann street brisbane

i strongly advise against learning english at the sarina russo english language school. usually the footpath is littered in asian and indian folk that block the footpath. they’re about as good as using a footpath as they are at driving their toyota camry. the wall of students is made worse by the coffee cart out the front. the reason why not to study there? you ask these people to move and they turn around and say “solly no engrish”

clearly sarina is doing a shit job.

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King George Square tonight
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by on May.01, 2012, under instagram

King George Square tonight
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