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Get outta the way foo!
Get outta the way foo! avatar

by on Oct.25, 2012, under ramblings


Sometimes I wish I was friends with Mr T, then when I wanted to go for a walk at lunch time I would get him to speed down the mall in front of me, yelling at all the people

“Get outta the way foo!”

Then I could walk down the mall without any annoyingly slow people getting in my way, or those even more frustrating people that stop, convening in the most logical walking path to discuss the hand bag they just bought and hiw it defines them as a person.


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takkun impersonator #453
takkun impersonator #453 avatar

by on Oct.05, 2012, under ramblings, takkun impersonators

so there might be a reason that takkun has so many impersonators. sarah spotted a video of a takkun impersonator on the youtubes and someone in the comments asked what kind of cat he was.. to which the response was a bengal. reading up a bit about bengals and they sound very much like takkun. would certainly explain his size. i always associated bengals with spots though, but turns out stripes just like takkun’s are common, so the spotted bengals command more money.

all of these cats are impersonators of takkun


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